20 December, 2008

Blog Game - 6+6

Well I got tagged in a blog game. Here is how it works: Go into the 6th folder on my computer, and pull out the 6th photo. Then post it here.

Here is what came up:

This is a photo taken of an xray of one of the patients at the clinic. I used the photo as part of a powerpoint presentation for career day at the local high school. Teaching the kids about xrays is always a fun activity!

I challenge carefullyconstructednoise.blogspot.com to be the next to post 6+6


holly said...

my 6+6 picture is up--and very wintry looking.

we're still getting freezing rain here today and are supposed to see more into tomorrow. all will be well as long as the weather doesn't mess up our trip to the beach for christmas--then i will really, really start to hate snow!

i am also camped out by my gas stove, but i fear that nothing will prevent a heating bill the size of china. oh well--at least the weather is keeping me inside so i can't go out and spend any money on anything else.

stay warm!

Monique said...

I'm just waiting for people to start playing "what's your diagnosis?" for the photo.

Same here with snow. we got about 10" total yesterday, also with a coating of crispy ice on top. It is snowing like a banshee already today and I had to shove a snowdrift out of the way with the door to let the dogs out.

Sheesh! I thought I lived in the PNW, not NE.