11 July, 2010

The melodrama of youth

I was digging through some boxes and found some old poems from my tragic youth. (In truth my youth was somewhat tragic, but it seems I turned out ok in the end.)
This one was from my Teenage Girl Shel Silverstein on Crack period.

Good for a laugh :)



From far away friends
far away planets
and far away stars
silence comes.

From sleeping minds
and the stiffly terrified
the other end of the telephone line
and the frozen mouths
of photographed souls,
from the ears of the deaf,
silence comes.

From pockets,
shirtcuffs and pantlegs,
from inside my shoes
between my toes,
empty boxes
and empty corners,
from the insides of p's and q's and o's
silence comes.

From stopped watches
and stopped tides
saddened hearts
and their owners,
from skeletons in closets
and the lips of boys
who wouldn't cry,
silence comes.

From the heads of fools
and the hearts of foes
comes silence, just the same.

But from the ones we love
comes the silence
that hurts the most.


Don't you just want to open a vein?

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