25 December, 2010

Lucy's pups - Week 2

The pups continue to grow at an alarming rate! Here they are today, 11 days old, with Lucy for size comparison.

11 days old having "Christmas dinner"


Rye and Rave snoozing on the sofa

So I admit it, I have a small preoccupation (or maybe, addiction) to puppy paws.

Rye's back paws

Rob's back paws

Rob's back paws

Reba's front paw - ticking on toe

Well this week the pups have been up to all sorts of things. Today they started walking instead of just crawling, and Rave is working on opening his eyes. With my mom in town, we are taking plenty of photos. She brought them pink and blue baby blankets for Christmas.








Perhaps inspired by their gift, one thing the pups decided this week is they enjoy using their crate pad as a blanket. First they tunnel under, then they keep going until only their heads are peeking out and fall sound asleep.

Rave sleeping under the crate mat

Rob sleeping under the crate mat

Also, they all had their nails clipped for the first time. I'm fairly certain Lucy reckoned that to be my Christmas present to her (or at least to her teats).

First nail trim

The pups are also doing quite a lot of experimental barking and growling, and Stanley continues to make puppy noises back to them.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas, Rye!

Merry Christmas, Rob!

Merry Christmas, Rave!

Merry Christmas, Reba!


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Puppy cuteness overload!!


livin life said...

Glad to see feet addictions are contagious!!!!!!! You did yourself proud with these photos dear! And when I got real close to the screen....I thought I could smell puppy breath! Thank you for sharing.....Here's to a very filled 2011!

Jenny Glen said...

They are HUGE!! I guess that's what happens when there are only 4 and mommy has lots of milk. This next week will be the most fun when their eyes open!

Loretta Mueller said...

So very very cute! I want Reba...you will give her to me...now :)

runsforcoffee said...

Love! This is not helping my puppy fever at all. I do not need a BC. I do not need a BC.

Monique said...

@ Loretta - you are cracking me up. You'll have to fight Lucy's breeder for Reba.

@ Megan - well, BCs are easier than another kid ;)