07 February, 2009

"40 Facts" Game

Well Diane tagged me, so here I am listing 40 things about myself. This could take a while...

I challenge carefullyconstructednoise to complete this challenge next!

1. My middle name is Alicia
2. My parents were never married
3. I am going back to school (scary!)
4. If I complete my degree, I will be the first person in my family to have any college degree
5. My household is dog-centric
6. I enjoy sheep herding with dogs because of the mental work-out it provides
7. People never accuse me of being nice
8. People always accuse me of being competent
9. I earned my LVT in 2002 entirely through self-study
10. Sometimes I think that life is passing me by
11. I have been married for over 10 years
12. My husband suffered a brain injury in 2003
13. I believe Paddy is the dog who changed my life
14. I swam with dolphins last month
15. I enjoy a good challenge
16. I am blessed with friends who mean the world to me
17. My commute to work makes me nuts!
18. While I feel like a natural leader, I don't particularly enjoy being a manager
19. I would far rather be respected than liked
20. I broke my finger in the hinge of a door at my favorite restaurant
21. I broke my arm as a kid during gymnastics practice
22. I used to compete in swimming, specializing in butterfly
23. One of my teenage jobs was as a lifeguard
24. I am still in touch with a few teachers from high school who changed my life
25. There has never been a dog fight in one of my training classes
26. One of my mantras is "All animals learn the same way"
27. I can drink most anyone under the table and have only had one hangover in my entire life (and THAT required a lot of work!)
28. My high school GPA was 3.99 - ruined by my AP Physics teacher
29. I turned down a full ride to a school I didn't want to attend and have always wondered if it was a mistake
30. Clarinet and voice are my native instruments
31. I was the drum major in high school and uber-band-nerd. I even went to drum major camp
32. Without the generosity of others I would never have gotten where I am today
33. Without the generosity of others I will never accomplish my next goals
34. It took years for me to find sushi worth loving, and now it is my favorite meal!
35. Cooking is a great way for me to relax
37. There are few ills that can't be cured by a good gimlet in the company of a GREAT friend
38. I fear my own mortality
39. My favorite color - and little girl's name - is Violet
40. I have a great sense of direction, but find Orlando, FL impossible to navigate


fortunesmiles said...

Always knew I liked you; now I know so many more of the reasons why. Hugs!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

You need to tag some victim!!!

Good 40 items!!!

holly said...

i too turned down a full-ride to a school i didn't want to attend and have always wondered if it was a mistake. i think that 17-year-old people should not be allowed to make life-altering decisions on their own (or maybe i just mean me at 17).

your list set the bar pretty high for me, my friend...not sure i really lived up to it!

btw, i started doing "facebook" and got back in touch with mr. sitton after these 14 years of no contact. made me think that you and i still haven't managed a reunion (busy lives and all). it's still in the back of my mind to try to take my long-discussed trip to seattle. when are you next planning to come down south?