21 February, 2009

Choose 10 and Defend 'em!

So I'm here to dig information out of y'all. Not that I have a large number of followers ;)

Choose your "Top 10" in one of the following categories: Movies, Songs, Musicals, Cars, Bands or Sports.

You must provide at least one point to defend why the item makes your Top 10.

I challenge DeltaBluez Stockdogs, carefullyconstructednoise, My Hybrid Life.

My Top 10 - Movies

1. "When Harry Met Sally"

Probably my favorite movie of all time. Points for defense: excellent musical score, terrific one-liners (in response to the Jess: "Marriages don't break up on account of infidelity. It is just a symptom that something else is wrong.") Harry: "Well, that SYMPTOM is fucking my WIFE!" I also made $40 by re-creating the orgasm scene in a Shari's restaurant in college. $40 is a lot of money in college.

Also, it prominently features one of the greatest movies of all time (see 2.)

Lastly, sappy happy ending.

1b. (Yes, I'm cheating at my own game.) "The Princess Bride"

Tied for my favorite movie. Probably my most-quoted movie. This is a cheesy, beastly, goofy film for great laughs in any age. My go-to film for when I'm bummed out and need a good cheering-up. The best one-liners ever, Inigo: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

The rest are in no particular order.

2. "Casablanca"

Who can deny the snazzy dressing by Humphrey Bogart in this cinema classic. Timeless music, romance, heartbreak, betrayal, danger and war. How can you go wrong?

3. "The Silence of the Lambs"

Here began my love affair with Anthony Hopkins. No, he's not on the "List," but his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter is so haunting anyone can be swept away in this expertly crafted thriller. What makes a movie scary? When it could happen to YOU.

4. "Top Gun"

Yes, I know. 80's trash you might say. You would be wrong. This movie taught millions of teenagers what it really means to be a good wingman. Best line: Charlie: "Well if you were directly above him, how could you see him?" Maverick: "Because I was inverted."

Also, Val Kilmer is young, ripped and a total asshole. What's not to love?

5. "Awakenings"

The ultimate catharsis movie. This movie touches anyone with the all-too-normal fear of losing life as you know it. Robert DeNiro's deft performance allows the audience to forget this is a movie and feel they are peering into the most intense moments of several lives.

6. "The Usual Suspects"

Kevin Spacey is a genius, but I never realized it until this film. Ok, so the plot twist is a little predictable, but the cinematography is phenomenal. Next time you watch it, during the scene with the city view out the office window, check out the windows of the skyscrapers across the way.

7. "Spirited Away"

So I'm not a huge anime fan, but this film is worth watching. Lovely animation with outlandish characters (my favorites are the cinder fluffs). And of course, the child character overcoming adversity against all odds and learning the value and importance of hard work. Hmmm.... wonder why that plot appeals to me?

8. "The Shawshank Redemption"

Find me someone who likes drama, adores Morgan Freeman and digs a good plot twist who doesn't love SSD. I dare ya. The ending makes all the heartbreak worthwhile. Favorite scene: Andy DuFresne hijacking the loudspeaker system to play opera music while the guard is "pinching a loaf." It appeals to the compassionate side of me -perhaps everyone in Shawshank isn't innocent, but it reminds us that the system isn't always serving justice.

9. "Dirty Dancing"

Mmmmm. Love me some young, hot Patrick Swayze. Being the brainy (but not beautiful) girl in school, of course I love the fairy tale of falling in love with the bad boy on summer vacation. Another "don't judge a book by its cover" movie - seeing a theme here?

10. "The Sound of Music"

Hooray for music, love, dramatic escape and triumph over adversity. The cinematography is beautiful (the heart-shaped silhouette during "Somewhere in my Youth" is a favorite). Classy costuming and charming children. Gotta love it.

And, the runners up are: "National Velvet," "Hero," "To Have and Have Not," "Good Morning, Vietnam," "Fried Green Tomatoes," "A Beautiful Mind," "Lagaan," (I need a separate category for foreign films) "Seven Samurai," "The Hidden Fortress," "Dev," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," "Hitch," "Benny and Joon."

Ok, now bring what you've got!


holly said...

so with the exception of "spirited away" (which i have never seen) and "the usual suspects" (which i did not love as much as you did), i would agree completely with all of your choices--kinda uncanny. your list made me realize that it has been way, way too long since i've seen awakenings--it's now on the top of my netflicks queue.

hugs to you!

Janet said...

I have put up my 10-best on my blog, hybrid life. I'm going to do a dog-10-best shortly...

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I will do mine but gonna change it to 10 best foods...in a week I should have it done