29 April, 2011

Rocky Ewe final winter series trials

I was very proud of Lucy at this last winter series trial. She was in the points both days, with a 3rd place on Sunday (no shed, no pen either day).

I learned I really better practice freestanding pens from the post - my handling SUCKED. After the first 2 tries on Saturday I just got irritated and ran out the clock (as you can see from this video) -- 0-0-6-5-10-10 I think. I thought about not posting the video here, because of the botched pen. It is easy to see the many ways I blew this as a handler. However, there were many nice things about the run and it was my first time to hear my own whistles played back from farther away than my shirt pocket.

On Sunday, she had the nicest scoring fetch of the entire day! After a miss at the pen, I decided to just turn it into a training session practicing pen flanks and stops. Luckily there is not video of that, though I wish I had video of the coursework. 0-0-3-5-10-10

We are gearing up for Summer trials. I am planning on going to the local W. WA trials as well as Wessels, Lacamas, Oregon Wine Country, Lopez and Fire Ridge this year... doG help me.


An English Shepherd said...

Looks like a lovely part of the world :-)

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Lana said...

u guys looked great

Monique said...

Thanks guys!

thequiltingdoberman said...

I am getting caught up on blog reading and just saw this video. Having never watched herding or tried it I couldn't even tell what the mistakes were. I think I did get what was happening at the end when the time ran out. Absolutely fascinating to watch. Sam