24 April, 2011

The weekend... and then some

Well, it has been a little while. School, work and having a puppy has eaten up my time. I am "off the grid" in a big way. The next 10 days are finals, then I have 3 days off, then Summer semester begins.

This weekend we went to an agility trial, our first one since January. Zora did a terrific job, 7 Qs in 10 runs. The 3 NQs were one because of an off-course tunnel (I was taking a handling risk that did not pay off) and the other 2 were because I was trying the distance bonus lines and it didn't come quiet together perfectly. Both were still clean but over time.

Here is a nice video of Zora's second standard run on Sunday.

We also made some good progress toward her Versatility NATCH. I think we are down to 2 Q's for it.

Have a great week. I miss my friends. Sorry for being so unavailable everyone, and thanks for understanding.

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