12 April, 2008

Puppies - 1 week old

Well it was gorgeous today. 75 degrees and sunny, so I put on shorts and a tank top and took the pups into our yard (before you get all uppity about taking pups outside at this age, no other dogs or animals have access to this area right off our deck and they were not exposed to anything dangerous!) for their 1-week birthday pictures.


I picked out something to use for scale as the puppies grow. Hence the cute frog stuffie. Wish I had used this on birth-day but take my word for it. The pups have approximately DOUBLED in size since last Saturday. They have discovered whining and a few little growls, but mostly just sleep-n-eat. We handle the puppies daily and touch all parts of their bodies, massage their toes and tails and ears, and hold them in every orientation. I believe in using these strategies to improve socialization and expose the pups to human contact from the first day.

Lila (my favorite) with Froggie. Lila is quiet and doesn't mind being separated from mom or her brothers and sister. She loves to snuggle in a lap and sleep. She has the cutest yawn.

Luna - the 2nd biggest. She loves to sleep on her back with all 4 little paws paddling in the air. She is getting a bunch of freckles just like Mom Lucy.

Both Girlies together

Link - still the biggest and squirmiest. He dreams about eating and crawling, and likes to sleep on his side.

Luke - Hubby's favorite. He is very handsome with his lozenge on the back of his head. Also getting plenty of freckles, he treats Lila as his best buddy.

And Mr. Handsome - Liam. He is a classic cutie and likes to sleep on his back in my lap. He wags his tail almost all the time while he is sleeping.

All the boys

Next Saturday I'll post Week 2! Look for some open eyes by then.

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