12 April, 2008

So I bought this new CD...

And here is my shameless plug. You need to buy it too!

Any of you who know me have at least heard of The Bobs. I've been a borderline-stalker type fan of theirs since the 80s. Well, Amy Englehardt, aka Amy Bob, has released a solo album and it is totally worth the $20.

From the angst of being lost in yourself as a college student to the lament of a single parent, the trip to find out where your relationship went and the danceable if bizarre bonus track, "Not Gonna Be Pretty" is an exercise in musicianship.

Amy is a talented lyricist and shows full range of emotion and style on this record. From the ironically soaring vocals... "I wanna be anywhere else but me, today... anywhere else but my sad sorry self..." to the fun and witty metaphors of "Cheese Denied" and "Pothole," Amy's album wrings emotions out of listeners.

So this is what's been on my car cd player on repeat for a week... I was lukewarm on the first listening - but I was also stuck in gridlock... At this point "Not Gonna Be Pretty" gets better with every listen.

So support a super smart independent artist who also happens to look great in a neck-tie skirt and combat boots.

Go to www.coldfoot.net and pick up your copy of Amy's new album.
You should also buy one of everything in the Bobs store at www.bobs.com

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holly said...

"cheese denied" makes me think of "tasty cheese" from the days of yore--i think i still have that tape in my garage somewhere. the next time i've got $20 to spare i will gladly check out this album--i do love my independent combat-boot-wearin' artists!

the puppy pics in your last post are so very cute. they make me wish we had the space to adopt a puppy. someday...