27 April, 2008

Puppies - 3 weeks old

Well, the puppies are growing like weeds.

This week's accomplishments:

The pups began intentional play with one another. Link and Lila were the most excited about playing together initially, but now everyone is excited about wrestling, playing bite-face, tail grabbing and foot chewing. The pups also started showing interest in toys by chewing on them and biting them.

They started barking on purpose, and barking at eachother during play.

They had their first puppy potluck party and met 6 new adults and 2 children this week.

They've begun walking well enough to get turned out of their pen into the living room for part of each evening to explore and play.

Lila with Froggie for size:

Lila sitting up

Luna crawling around on the sofa




More next week.

1 comment:

Ping's Mom said...

Great idea using the frog for scale. Holy smokes Lila is a lot bigger in the last week!