20 April, 2008

Puppies - 2 weeks old

Well the puppies had their first bath with SOAP yesterday. They all smell like baby powder now :) Lucy seemed unconcerned that her puppies were being tortured in the kitchen sink.

Luna was the drama queen of the group, convinced that soap is fatal to puppies. Lila and Liam were the most patient for the whole process.

Today they all had their nails clipped, and no one made any fuss.

Everyone except for Luke has both eyes fully open and looking around. Luke has one eye still half-closed.

The pups are happily practicing their growling, barking and howling at eachother. The are also trying to master the transition between creeping and walking. With front legs going full speed, their back feet go about half speed and they topple over readily.

Lila with Froggie for scale.

Liam, handsome bugger.

Link, still the biggest brother.

Luna - the drama queen.

Luke, posing for the camera while napping after his bath.

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