06 December, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Well I had a somewhat unconventional Thanksgiving weekend.

It started Thursday with sleeping in, then doing chores around the house and reading my book for a while, then going to the clinic to take care of the boarding pets. We went to Maneki for a fabulous dinner. Yes, that's right... we went OUT for dinner on Thanksgiving, and to a Japanese place, no less. It was terrific. The food was great, no cooking or cleaning required. Very good move, I intend to repeat it in the future.

Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent at an agility trial. The girls did great. Magick earned another jumpers qualifier - one of the most beautiful jumpers runs she has had in years. It was such a rush, all the hair on the back of my neck was standing up. She did great. So that means she only needs one more qualifying round in jumpers to get her NATCH. Our next try will be at RAT in Elma over the Valentine's day weekend. Wish us luck.

Zora ran beautifully as well, with 10 qualifying rounds out of 14 runs. I went back and tallied points - turns out all she needs for HER NATCH now is 5 rounds of regular and 1 chances. *boggle* It seems like she should still just be a pup to me... but what do I know!

By Sunday I was feeling pretty low. Tired, sore and just plain worn out. I thought I was getting too old to do 3 days of agility in a row... but I had my answer on Monday morning. Fever of 100.1, scratchy throat and horrible sinus headache. Duh, I was getting sick! So now I feel a little less old, and am looking forward to our next opportunity for Magick's NATCH.

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Holly said...

I am sooo stealing your "out for Japanese food" Thanksgiving idea. Genius!

Things are good here...just finals insanity. Hope that you are doing well (and are fully recovered from your illness).

Thinking of you :).