02 May, 2009

t minus 8 days.... and counting

Well not much interesting has been happening around here. Those of you who know me realize I've kept up a wild schedule over the past few years of working, teaching and writing. Now that it is only 8 days until school begins I've rearranged my schedule to allow me to do homework every evening except Mondays.

So here's the plan:

Monday - Thursday work at the clinic as usual.
Moniday evenings, teach 7-10pm. The training center owners have been nice enough to let me agree to work my own dogs in the classes I teach, freeing up yet another evening.
Fridays - one Friday per month will be private lessons
Sundays - Teach 6 hours on Sunday like normal.

We will see how this holds up. Summer semester I am taking 2 or 3 classes. Currently registered for 2 mind-numbing required courses for the degree program unrelated to my major. I need a Psych pre-req not offered through the degree program I'm enrolled in (wouldn't that have been nice to know in advance... human error by my advisor), so I may enroll in a separate course through a local community college to complete that as well.

We went to Maneki tonight for sushi to celebrate saying goodbye to money, free time and sleep. It was delicious, and I wonder how much fish was left in the kitchen by the time we left!

In other news, the disability hearing for my husband was one week ago. This was the culmination of 4 years of appeals and applications. It was emotionally draining and I've only now really recovered from the whole experience. It will take another 5 weeks before we get a decision back through the mail although the lawyer was optimistic. The lawyer gets paid if the claim is accepted, on a percentage basis of the back benefits.

I hope this will come through for us. It would really take the strain off financially to the point we could actually do a few things around the house and pay for the roof I just had to finance. It will also mean that he could get health care benefits which he seriously needs.

So this week is my last week of "freedom" before the school thing starts... and doesn't stop for YEARS. We will see if I make it through this time. Think good thoughts for me.


Leanna said...

I am so happy for you!!! Are you doing an animal behavior program?

Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

Monique said...

I'm completing a bachelor's (psych major) to prep for graduate degree in animal behavior (MS or PhD depending how much lifeblood is left in me by then)

fortunesmiles said...

Hey, if I could do it, you surely can!

Anonymous said...

You will make it through.