08 June, 2010

Uncharacteristic anxiety

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Ok, 5 ways to describe Monique, quick!!

1. Bossy
2. Confident
3. Covered in dog hair
4. Insane
5. Hardworking

Notice "anxious" is not on the list. Anxiety is not something I am accustomed to. It's very rare for anything to make me nervous. Well I've been having a minor panic attack about going to my next trial. Lucy has been working well and I have been working well with her. We are teaming up nicely for the season so far. I am really looking forward to this opportunity, and my nerves caught me by surprise.

This will be the biggest trial I have entered so far (yes, I'm small potatoes), and on sheep and a field that are completely foreign to me. Because of my work schedule, I was only able to enter 1 day so I am driving 10 hours for 1 round in Open.

Yes, I'm nuts. I just hope I'm nuts and less terrified by the time I get home!

PS: Thanks to my friends for putting up with my 24-hour panic attack. I've taken your good advice and I am telling myself I feel better.


BCxFour said...

Breathe, just breathe. Something that has always worked for me. Think of the absolutely worst thing possible. Imagine how you will deal with it, make a plan. Now you are prepared for the worst thing possible - visualize the best thing. Think about how you will handle the best thing. No matter what happens now you are prepared. Focus on that - being prepared is the key. Emotionally prepared. Nervousness is caused by our ego. Thinking about what people will say, think of us etc. Take comfort in the fact you are, as you termed it, 'small potatos' no one will notice... right?

I will tell you that you and Lucy will be magnificent. Win or lose, you are both already magnificent. Feel that in your magnificent bones!

Unknown said...

My FIRST Open trial not only I was FIRST but the JUDGE was Jack Knox.....I was terrifed...Jack pulled me aside and told me.....they were all like you once and so was I. Just breath and LET you dog do the work and help as needed. We placed in the top 20% and were one of the few people to get the sheep across the creek in a straight line.

You'll do fine, you are a talented handler, you have a talented dog plus you have hundreds of hours on sheep in various situations....and I will be rooting for you!!

Erin O said...

It is not about winning or losing. It is not even about how many points you do or don't. It all comes down to if you are happy with your run. If your dog tries hard and does every thing you have trained her do do, what more could you ask?
Your ego is what makes you fearful and anxiety ridden, kill it. Don't believe the lies it tells you. There's nothing to fear and you are the only one you need to answer to or impress. So go knock your own socks off!:)
The judgement at this trial only reflects where you are at the very moment, not where you are today and not where you will be 5 minutes after the run.
You must read Don Blazer's 9 Secrets to Perfect Horsemanship, it is the BEST competition psychology book I have ever read. It has totally changed the way I dog trial.

Monique said...

My biggest concern is letting down my dog. Where I fall against other handlers is not terribly important. But allowing my dog to reach her potential is very important!

livin life said...

Then step up to the plate and swing baby! You got nothing to loose! Can you stop your dog? Can you call your dog off? If yes...then you are ready! Thank JK for that one! But seriously, this is about relationship....relationship....relationship....

Erin O said...

Totally agree with livin' life. Swing away! You are not letting your dog down all she cares about is she gets to work sheep with you! :)

An English Shepherd said...

BC are aways bonkers ;-)

Well the two in our pack are ;-)