11 June, 2010

Waxing poetic


learning our way to the destination.
Curled content together
sleep visits beneath
gauzy billows of Milky Way.

Crimson blaze rips
the sky into day.
A silent moment
alone with morning.

I smile at you
and you at me, a knowing gaze.
We touch affectionately
then you leave me,
stealing my breath.

In suspended animation
I freeze.

You always return,
though your route varies,
sparkling eyes igniting
love in my heart.

You bring back my breath,
my heart,
and the most poignant gift:


BCxFour said...

That was beautiful. Just beautiful.

Janet said...

Lucy should feel like the most special dog on the planet! The only poem Scott gets is "Scotty Biscotti I love you"