02 June, 2010

Why I am careful what my dogs chew...

It is not uncommon for dog-people I like, respect, love and consider friends to criticize me for failing to feed my dogs bones. While I understand many dogs have no problems with bones, I see this kind of thing at least 3 times a week... Maybe this will help you see why bones may be right for some, but aren't right for me.

Dog #1 came in because of her facial swelling and refusing to eat for 2 days.

Here is what her tooth looked like: small chip fracture with formerly open pulp chamber.

Here is what her xray showed: tooth root abscess caused the facial swelling.

Culprit: Raw knuckle.

Dog #2 came in for refusing her food for 3 days.

Here is what her tooth looked like once she was anesthetized and we could touch it without her feeling pain: massive open slab fracture.

Here is her xray showing the break.

Culprit: Frozen chicken back.

Maybe all the dogs I see at work just have bad teeth. There is plenty of natural variation there. I just figure I'd be one of the unlucky ones with a dog with bad teeth. So I hide behind my softer chews and a toothbrush.


livin life said...

Now that is a great update!!! Keep em coming!

Monique said...

What, you don't like my bird training updates? ;)

Erin O said...

Interesting post thanks. That's pretty much why I stay way from bones that are too big, like cow femurs and knuckle bones. For 40-50lb dogs those are too big, they can stick to chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and rabbits.
I've been feeding raw meaty bones as a primary food source for the dogs and the cat for years with no issues. Maybe the dogs with problems are just recreational users that aren't being properly supervised?
Looking at dog #1 not knowing anything about it, the teeth look in rough shape to start off. Lots of build up. Knowing this, I probably would have skipped the bones and had a teeth cleaning.
As for dog #2 who knows, teeth look fine from the picture a side from the break.
Things to consider. Thanks for the pictures they are really cool!

Monique said...
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Monique said...
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