16 July, 2010

Off the Grid.

To all my dear friends and family.

The next 2 weeks are critically important to my personal and professional success. The demands on my time are very high. I am barely keeping it together.

So please consider me off the grid. I am not ignoring you, I love you! But I am turning inward to try and do my best on my AVBT exam and my final exams for this semester at WSU.

I am not good at saying no. Perhaps that's why so many people are happy to ask me.

And I'm not saying "No," now. I'm just saying "In 2 weeks."

Ah good. While I was typing this one of my dogs had a seizure-like episode. So yes, I'm definitely off the grid.

Thank you for understanding.

1 comment:

Janet said...

We're all crossing our fingers and paws for you here! Good luck on your exams!