06 March, 2011

Miss Magick

My dear Magick has been very sick. She vomited a ton of blood very suddenly Tuesday afternoon while we were at work.

Her bloodwork and x-rays were normal, but the ultrasound showed a thickening in her stomach. This is either a bleeding ulcer, a focal infection or possibly a small tumor/stomach cancer.

She is still taking medication 6x a day and being fed multiple small meals, but no more vomiting so far. For the last few weeks she has had a little soft cough, like a throat-clearing sound. Nothing on x-rays or bloodwork at that time, either, but now we are thinking she has esophagitis to go along with her other GI issues, which would explain the coughing/throat clearing. That means this has been cooking for several weeks. Poor Magick, I'm sorry I did not know what was going on. As usual, everyone thought I was being a pet hypochondriac by worrying about the cough, but something was just not right.

I am hoping she is ok. She is a bit lethargic, but she had to stop her arthritis medication because of the GI bleeding so I am thinking a little bit of that has to do with her stiffness/soreness not being controlled like it normally is. She seems cheerful, just a little slower than usual. She is feeling well enough to run around the house and bark in excitement from time to time, which I take as a positive sign.

Your positive thoughts for Magick are appreciated. With Paddy's passing still so fresh in my mind and heart, I can't really bear to think about what will happen if Magick has stomach cancer. Let's all keep paws crossed for something fixable.


gvmama said...

It's rough when our 4 legged buddies are sick. Wishing the best for Magick. Jet just was ultrasounded/digital x-rays...prostitis, UTI....bladder
thickening. Scary.

Sarah said...

i hope all is OK with her :)