09 September, 2011

Big shoes, and big hats....

Rye's sire, Don, is owned by a "big hat" handler. Scott is truly a cut above - plus he is just an all around nice guy.

Rye's sire also has some pretty big shoes himself these days. I am looking forward to the day that Rye gets a chance to start getting his feet under him and testing out his own shoes for size. (It's a good thing I look terrible in hats as I'm pretty sure they don't make hats small enough for me.)

Rye in December, 2010 at 4 days of age

Congratulations, Scott and Don on your recent successes at the Canadian National, Soldier Hollow and the prelims at Meeker. One little red pup and his family are cheering for you!

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Stacey said...

omg, so cute!! i remember when my youngest was that small. shame how fast they grow, eh?