17 December, 2012


Two years have passed since two important events befell our family. One heartwarming, one heartbreaking... both evoke the same emotions even after two long years.

On 14 December 2010, Rye was born. 

Happy 2nd birthday, Rye! You make us smile every day!

On 17 December 2010, Paddy left us.

My heart still aches with loving memories, Paddy.
These events will remain inextricably linked in my mind and my heart.


livin life said...

I'm so glad you have Rye-boy-oh. Though he can never replace Paddy, he sure can fill in a little bit more of your heart with dog!! In my mind, some of her essence lives on......in the pictures you post, in that tat on your calf, in the stories you share....and maybe a bit in Rye too! Happy Birthday Rye.

thequiltingdoberman said...

Thinking of you. :) Sam