23 March, 2013

The tail wag of Winter

Well, things are getting back up to speed around home.

Puget Sound from Whidbey Island

We had our annual trip to Whidbey Island for New Year's Day. It was gorgeous and sunny.

Double Bluff Beach

Family Photo New Year 2013
I think we had 11 or 12 dogs between the 4 families, quite a few Aussies, my two BCs, Zora and a GSD to round out the group. Magick had a great time at the beach and was able to cover about 5 miles, surprising me thoroughly. She wasn't even sore the next day, which tells me her mobility issues are much more due to her neurologic problems than osteoarthritis.

Sunlight on the water

Rye and Lucy wading. Can you tell who is who?

 Magick had a lovely time supervising everyone.

Lucy waiting for some action

Magick looking for some treats

Rye went swimming for the first time, enticed by a GIANT stick.

Zora wagged her way around, making friends and begging for treats.

Zora shopping for snacks

Trial wise, I went to my first trial of the year last weekend in Heppner, OR. The trial was a huge challenge and we did oh-so-much better than last year. Got around the course both days and actually hit all but one of our panels and with a tidy shed on Sunday during the afternoon bloodbath when anything but letters was considered a win.

Sunrise in Heppner, OR

I learned the importance of getting ahold of Lucy rather than letting her slide through my steadies. We both showed patience in the shed and had a beautiful split which she worked nicely to hold. 

Lucy near the trial field

My husband came along for the first time ever and he had a great time exploring the hills around the house.

Doe outside the house in Heppner

This week Rye and I had two lessons with Scott. It was a bit disappointing because he worked nowhere near like he works at home. He was confounded by the different place and different sheep. Scott gave me some foundation flanking review homework. We raced daylight to the farm and did our homework every night between our lessons and the second lesson was *much* better. I went to Fido's again today and we had the best work yet. 

Sagan lying down (sheep are behind me)

Yesterday I babysat brother Sagan and he had a fun time on the sheep, having his first lesson in lying down while working. He even did his lie down on the ice, which is tricky for he who is affectionately called "Princess Bambi."

Brother Ben

Today we also had a mini family reunion, meeting up with Rye's other brother Ben and his owner. The family enjoyed a great romp in the field at Fido's and old Auntie Magick helped supervise.

Rye hamming it up

Lucy supervising

I have several exciting new projects I'm working on that I find wonderfully rewarding. You'll hear more about them as the evolve. Also I finally convinced my boss to change to electronic medical records so the big change happens May 7th. I have a LOT of work to do setting up everything before then and we will be closed for two full days of staff training in the new system as well.

Family reunion

Auntie Magick

All in all, the tail of winter wagged in our favor.


thequiltingdoberman said...

Ah Magick. It is amazing sometimes what a change of scenery will do with an older dog. She looked great. I loved all the photos and videos. Heavenly. Sam

Monique said...

Thanks, Sam. I hope all is well with you and Nim.