21 March, 2008

A day of rainbows...

When I awoke this morning, snow was falling and the roads were icy. The sky was black with clouds. I trooped out the door around the time it stopped snowing, and off to Fidos for my herding lesson with Scott Glen. Diane let me borrow Lucy for my lesson, which was nice. The recent drama surrounding Lucy is the fact she was sent out for training, and while boarding with the trainer she was allowed to become pregnant. She also had 2 teeth kicked out by the trainer's horse. Grrrrr. This is a really frustrating and irritating development, as it means she will be taking time off from trialing, needs someone to whelp her out and care for the pups, the pups will need homes, and not to mention, she is bred by a male we didn't get to choose in advance. So basically what we have on our hands here, friends, is a MESS. Alas, the sire is an excellent sheep dog and the pups should be awesome none the less.

Aside from being in the family way, Lucy was very good for her lesson. She was spot-on with her listening, and made me look like a better handler than I am. She is a special dog and Scott had a few nice things to say about her, which was a pleasant surprise.

As I was driving home, I was passing through Yelm, and saw this:

Yes, that's right - a rainbow over a strip mall. I had not seen a rainbow in a long time, so took out my phone and snapped this photo. I'm sure the person behind me was thrilled that I sat a few seconds too long at the light after it turned green.

So as I kept driving, I was passing through McKenna, and saw this:

Not 1, but 2 rainbows... also over a strip mall. I think the strip mall part is a coincidence because that is where the traffic lights are for me to stop and snap a shot.

10 miles later, driving through Roy - you guessed it:

Another one.

And then, driving through Spanaway:

Lastly, coming through Puyallup on the last leg toward home, the final rainbow appeared. I was pleased to see that my camera-phone-while-driving-70-mph worked out in the end.

So after a few days of drama and anger, it was nice to see even black clouds can bring small pleasures. And with the help of the Motorola Razr, you too can share in my day of rainbows.

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