19 December, 2010

Introducing Lucy's Pups

Deltabluez Lucy X Scott Glen's Don
Born 12/14/2010
3 males, 1 female

We always give our puppies litter names so they are easier to tell apart and we can quickly reference each pup for weights, etc.

Once a week I will update their blog with new photos and sometimes videos so you can see their progress.

Red Male

Red Female

Black Male

Red Male


Ruth said...

Oh my gosh! Those puppies are so cute! Good girl Lucy

Laura Learned said...

Oh, MY. These guys are awfully sweet. Wish I could snuggle them!

Loretta Mueller said...

I would like Reba...and I am not even normally a red dog fan! SOOO CUTE!!!

Erin O said...

Aww little guinea pigs.

Janet said...

I am in love with Rave. Perhaps because he looks like a miniature version Scott. They all look so innocent and sweet in these pictures!

Jenny Glen said...

I showed the pictures to Donnie and he's now out back smoking a cigar!

Sarah said...


livin life said...

OMGooossssshhhh!!!! I am totally over the moon from the cuteness! Those little brown noses.....have done me in! Thank you for posting them.

Unknown said...

I think the names should be:

fat boys
fat girl

adorable! my heart is smitten....it's lucy all over again as a pup