28 December, 2010

New camera = new pictures

A well-meaning friend accidentally dropped and stepped on my old camera. So I bit the bullet and bought myself a new, affordable camera today. Here are my experiments for the evening just checking out the basics. I am sure the pictures will get so much better one I know the camera a bit more thoroughly, but for now you'll get the idea.

Stanley's face

Stanley checking out the camera

Also, the puppies had their first real bath with soap tonight, so here are some more puppy pictures.

Rave sleeping squished between his brothers

Ticking is appearing on Rye's toes

More ticking, this time on Rob's toes

Reba sleeping on my knee

Rave's eyes are open


Erin O said...

Already showing symptoms of spotty dog disease!

livin life said...

see...that was not so painful! Even pictures of your jammie clad leg! thank you!!!! love love love the open eyes!