08 January, 2011

Lucy's pups - 4th week of life

Lucy's pups are 25 days old today, and we had our first puppy potluck tonight. I think everyone enjoyed playing with the puppies, and they got to meet all sorts of new people and have new experiences.

Here are a few pictures and a couple of videos from this week.

Highlights from this week:
- first time meeting strangers
- second bath
- second nail clipping
- first real play with Lucy and with Magick
- first real play with toys
- increasingly vigorous play with littermates
- visual tracking is improving (toys, littermates, adult dogs)
- outgrew the whelping box
- exploring a fleece play tunnel
- investigating a cat (Gershwin)

Aftermath of second bath

Reba trying out a toy

Rye trying out a toy

Rave killing the orange hedgehog

Rye playing with Lucy

Lucy and Reba playing

Lucy and Reba

Rave and Lucy playing

Lucy chewing Rye's leg off ;)

Rave testing out a toy

Wonder what color Rob's eyes will be?
His are different from all the other pups.

Potluck aftermath: SLEEPY puppies.

Rye behind bars

Puppy pile. Clockwise from top: Rye, Reba (upside-down), Rob, Rave

Reba sacked out

Crashed out in a crack.

Rave sleeping with his eyes open.

Reba snoozing in the tunnel

First time with solid food:

Play and hijinx -- 23 days old:


livin life said...

Oh dear...I think I just passed out from cuteness overload!!!! What do you think of their coats? That first picture is looking pretty med rough.... Also on the eye color....take a picture of that pup with the flash on. If the pupil comes back red....that eye will be blue. Or maybe you already knew that. Lasly, I can't believe how Lucy plays with them. My mama dogs got sick of the pups always just wanting to nurse.....your puppies are more balanced :) Thanks for sharing!

Monique said...

Re: coat - none of them seem very smooth to me, but what do I know? They all have a fair bit of fluff especially when they are being bathed you can see it is very long around the neck and ears.

Re: eyes - that photo was taken with flash but the camera does "auto redeye correct" so I don't know if it would have been red or not. They are kind of hazel right now. Everyone else's are brown.

Ryker said...

How precious they all are. So glad we found you! I saw your photo shoot a while back on BCX4.
~Sandy & Ryker

Jenny Glen said...

Boy that little black boy has coat! That's so funny that Lucy plays with them. Most bitches are either loving or disdainful of their pups at this age. Of course, Lucy is such a great dog, it shouldn't be a surprise.