30 January, 2011

Lucy's pups week 7: Rob is available

Rob is still available to the right home. He has a lot of toy drive, is a charming and a quick learner. He is intense and should succeed at any sport his new owner chooses. He is a people-person and would really like to be a housedog, close to his people. Here are some 6 week photos of Rob. His ticking is coming in nicely and he is really a striking, flashy little dog.

Rob play-bowing to me.

Rob doing his "innocent" act.

In other news:
Another week has passed, and the pups continue to grow. Each pup is 6 lbs or so by my estimate. They are 6 and 1/2 weeks old now. They play vigorously and are now awake for hours at a time. They are running, climbing and generally chaotic in their joy for life.

I introduced the clicker as a marker for behavior this week, rather than just charging it. Pups are learning to sit automatically for a treat (dog kibble) and to do nose touches.

Rob imitating the puppy to my left (the one I was actually working with)
wondering just how this whole sit = treat thing works.

They figured out how to do stairs this week and love running around in the yard. On Tuesday, I will separate them for sleeping so they have a week of sleeping individually before they go to new homes. Rye will move into our bedroom for sleep and everyone else will sleep in side-by-side crates. Yes, I have earplugs.

Also, Rye has started doing Lucy's happy grin!! I have not captured it on film yet. All 5 of her previous pups do it, so I imagine these pups are likely to as well.

Rave and Rob tugging.

Rob narrowly avoiding the slashing jaws of Magick ;)

Magick and Rob playing.

Rye and Rob making faces during play.

Good thing puppies are cute.... Sheesh, Reba!

Magick continues to be the best nanny dog ever.

I decided to try and get some basic headshots of the pups as well. Here is the result. I am satisfied with 2 and not with the other 2. Will get some better ones when the weather is nicer and we can get good lighting outdoors I hope.





And what happens after a puppy potluck: zzzzzzzzzz. even our toes are sleepy!


Knotty Dogs said...

Puppy toes are the best!

Ryker said...

Boy, I wish I could take him but my husband would divorce me! Hummmm...
no , never mind.