11 September, 2012

Canadian Journey v. 3.0 ... Of Youth and the Big Dance

Yep, it's true. I've been so busy LIVIN' the life I've been hard pressed to carve out a little time for blogging.

This summer we missed out on having Scott come to Fido's Farm as usual in August. I couldn't believe it. Here I am like a blind leper trying to train my young dog and get ready for my first prom with Lucy and no lessons, let alone just the right dress and stilettos?

Alta-Pete sunrise

Well, there was quite a logical response. Nothing 26 hours of driving and a pile of cash can't fix. Commence Canadian Journey 3.0, a quick jaunt across the Continental Divide to get help. It was so very much fun. We made some great memories.

I was united with old friends.

Alaska missed me, but was astonished I did not bring Timbits

And made a special delivery from a good friend:

Special edition Spidey meets Hello Kitty (J. Glen)

We had blazing sun and black thunder clouds bringing a gorgeous light show. Quiet mornings and evenings full of the buzzing of those DANG mosquitoes! The dogs ran right through their pads but were keen to run some more with wrapped paws.

Obi Wan helped me get a little bit of understanding with Mr. Rye and the beginnings of an outrun. Lucy and I went under the shedding microscope and came out larger than life.

Rye finishing a gather (J. Glen)
So here we are at the end of Summer. Rye is coming along slowly but surely. Slow to mature but I just love him.

Lucy and I are working on her physical fitness and our teamwork, trying to peak just right for our first trip together to the sheepdog finals, and my first trip to the post there (Lucy ran in the 2009 Finals with Jenny). 

Lucy's Auntie promised to bring a bucket...

Lucy "cooling off" between holding sets.
 See you 'round the bend.

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