24 January, 2011

Announcing NATCH2 Zora

Photo by Carolynn Harwell -- Look Back Photography

We had a wonderful weekend of agility on Saturday and Sunday. Miss Zora earned 10/12 qualifying rounds and earned her NATCH2 (NADAC Agility Trial Champion level 2). Since we only trial about 5 times a year, I am very proud of her. She earned her first NATCH in late 2009.

In addition, she completed a distance bonus in Elite tunnelers on Sunday as well as nearly completing a distance bonus in Elite jumpers (I had to step over the line for 2 obstacles to assist her).

She finished her NATCH2 yesterday by completing a very difficult round of Elite Chances. Only 6 dogs in the Elite class qualified on that course. I am perhaps more proud than anything of the fact that 2 of the other 5 people were MY STUDENTS!!! I am so proud of them.

But I will take a moment to appreciate my own success as well. I think I have one of the finest 8" distance dogs in the country.

Congratulations, Zora! I am proud to call you my partner.

Love you.


Erin O said...

So small, so mighty! Hurray Zora!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

WAY TO GO!! Very proud of you and Zora

Loretta Mueller said...

Huge congrats girl!!!!

Ryker said...

She is not just cute as can be, she is smart and agile too! Congratulations!