26 January, 2011

Lucy's pups week 6: Rob is now available

Lucy's pups were 6 weeks old yesterday. Here are some photos from last week. Sorry for the late posting, but I wanted Zora's victory to have the blog for the weekend.

In other news, Rob is now available to the right home. He is red and white with heavy ticking in all of his white. He will have a smooth coat.

Rob is a little freckled devil with a sparkling personality. Very loving and playful, Rob is equally happy to be snuggled and held or to tug like a fiend on his favorite toy (or pantleg).

Rob should be well-suited to a working or trial home in stockdog work or any canine performance sport. My first priority is a pup having a forever home whenever possible. If you would like to know more about Rob, email me 77dogma@gmail.com

The pups will be ready to go to their forever homes 2/8/2011.

Rob is rakishly handsome!

He has a special expression and is very people oriented.

With plenty of toy drive since just 4 weeks old,
Rob is showing signs of being an enthusiastic partner.

Rave is going to live just outside Portland, OR with his new mom Diana.

Here he is, resting between play sessions during the potluck on Saturday.

And here he is after everyone has gone home. Zzzzzz.
He has a white stripe on his ear just like his grandma, "Star."

Reba will be going home with Diane at 8 weeks old.
She is a toy-hound.

She is a PRINCESS.

She is also a redhead and has a wild streak.
Reba, It is NOT A TOY. Thank you.

In other news, Rye is definitely the pup staying here forever.


Not to be outdone, he will both sit on a toy and carry one in his mouth.
Two-fer-one toys.

And in between his wild extra happy moments, he continues his campaign
of making sure I understand he belongs with us.

Lastly, here is the video from last week. CAUTION: This video contains extreme cuteness previously unrecorded.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could adopt Rob. I fell in love with him when I met him. He is toy crazy and will be a very solid, confident, trainable puppy who should excel at any sport. I just can't have a new puppy right now or he would for sure not be available!

Anonymous said...

OK, that was me posting, but it won't let me put my name in instead of "Anonymous." Anyway, I like Rob because I think he will have the most bulletproof social temperament. He will be quite fearless and confident, and will work through a hurricane. This is a wonderful thing to have in a Border Collie and I am really frustrated that I just cannot bring a puppy into my life at this time!

Greta Kaplan, CDBC, CPDT
Companion Animal Solutions
Portland, OR

Jenny Glen said...

It looks like Rye and Reba will make a matched set when his ears go up!

Jenny Glen said...

Whoops - I meant Rye and LUCY! When you are walking them down the street they will look like Bookends.

Monique said...

Jenny - it will be pretty funny I think. Looks like all the red pups are going to be smooth like their dad so it will be variations on a theme :)

He is very sweet and has already decided the other dogs belong to him.

gvmama said...

Cute pups! Our JRT, Trouble, loved to play with our pups until they were about 6 weeks and heavier than she was...then they became more like pests to her :0)