13 February, 2011


We are down to just one pup, Rye. I am starting to get very attached to him and he showed a bit of special loyalty himself today. He was loose in the house with my husband and the big dogs. Toys, cats, etc everywhere. I went into the bedroom to take a shower (bath off the master). There is a baby gate across the bedroom door. Rye got tired, so he went right up to that gate and curled up in a little ball, sleeping smashed up against the baby gate on the hard floor. He would rather be there than on the soft dog bed.

To get down to 1 pup, that means Sagan went home with Ross and Leanna on Tuesday.

Rave went home with new mom Diana on Friday.

Reba went to Diane's on Saturday

and got to meet Auntie Janet who will run her in Novice

The house is blissfully peaceful. I do not really miss the pups being at the house. They all got such wonderful homes it is easy to let them go. Plus it gives me special time to bond with Rye, which is treasured.

Oh, and the less-poop thing is AWESOME.

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Ryker said...

awww, Rye just wanted to get closer to you. What a little love : )