06 February, 2011

Lucy's pups - 8th week of life

Well, Lucy's puppies are now 7 and 1/2 weeks old. Next week they go to their new homes.

Sagan will go home with Ross and Leanna on Tuesday.

Photo by Nancy

Rave goes home with Diana on Friday.

That can't be comfortable?

Reba goes to Diane, but I am not sure what day.

We will be down to a blissfully small number of puppies: ONE. Rye. Good boy.

Yes, I did say BLISS.

This week the puppies have spent a fair bit more time outside. They are doing about 70% of their bathroom duty outside, but that still means errant puddles and piles here and there. They will go up and down the deck stairs with encouragement, stay awake for hours at a time playing and are now sleeping INDIVIDUALLY in separate crates for about 7 hours a night.

They had their first vet checkup (all good news), microchipping and CERF exams (also all good news). Along with those came the first car ride. There was some howling and some vomiting, but it wasn't too terribly bad overall.

The puppies continue to mature into more and more rough play. Lucy continues to play with them frequently as well as Magick. Lucy will still let them nurse if we don't stop her. Sometimes a bitch can be a little too tolerant. I have been intervening whenever she lets them nurse. She will only tell them off very seldom. I predict a sleepover in Rye's future or a t-shirt in Lucy's if she doesn't start putting an end to nursing.

We had our final puppy potluck yesterday, and everyone had a nice time visiting, eating and most importantly playing with puppies!

Since Diana was home sick with the flu, Nancy acted as a stand-in as Rave's mama

This nearly gave her husband Scott heart failure. Here is what he had to say to me about it

Greta came up from Portland to visit the puppies one last time. She will get to see Rave all the time, but Sagan was her favorite to play with

Even though he does things like this!

And I sat back to relax, and reflected on the week past.

Magick and Rye devised a clever little game called "I'll bite your foot, now you thump me on the head with your foot." They did it enough times consistently that I actually got this picture.

Lucy got in on the tugging action with the puppies for multi-player tugging fun.

But at 42 lb total weight, they have her over-matched! Watch out mama... of course, you are rolling around on your back ;)

And Rye continues making inroads with our adult dogs. Zora often licks his nose when she is sitting on the chair or sofa.

Photo by Nancy

And Rye ended the evening by dreaming of sheep to come...

I hope they were good dreams, buddy... and that you will enjoy our journey together as a team.


livin life said...

You have done a fabulous job with those puppies! You should be proud! Thank you for the final "foot photo".....they grow up so darn fast!

Ryker said...

Adorable puppies. I will miss seeing them on your blog once they go to there forever homes. At least we can keep up with Rye's activities!

Leanna said...

Magick is adorable with Rye.

Unknown said...

Rye is wearing his grandma Koko's collar. I hope he brings you as much joy as she has to me!

Spray Bark Collar said...

I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.