12 February, 2011

The Perfect Memento

Some of you may remember this summer Lucy and I had our first Open win together. It was a major accomplishment and I don't think I will ever forget that run. Especially the shed was so amazing! It was also the first time we won enough money to do something special!

The special thing I decided to do with our winnings was to order a custom shepherd's crook from George MacDonald of The Shepherd's Crook and Ewesful Acres.

George is a well-respected stickmaker and I have yet to own a proper crook. He works on carving sticks during the winter months, and I was so excited to get the email that my crook was ready - and he sent photos!

MY new stick!

Yes, I am that excited about a stick.

Thank you, George. I am looking forward to picking up this treasure very soon - and it will always serve to remind me of Lucy and I, our partnership, and our first Open win together. I hope it was not our last!


BCxFour said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

We are so proud of you!!

Beautiful crook

Jenny Glen said...

Beautiful crook! You will look so professional going to the post with it!

Loretta Mueller said...

VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!